Who We Are

The members of the Laboratory for Genetics and Genomic Medicine form the core research group for the Integrative Genomic Medicine activities described herein.

John D. Rioux, PhD. Director of the Laboratory for Genetics and Genomic Medicine

Azadeh Alikashani, M.Sc. Genetics and Genomics

Claudine Beauchamp, M.Sc. Cellular Immunology

Gabrielle Boucher, M.Sc. Statistical analyses

Guy Charron, PhD. Project Manager, Integrative Biology

Sylvain Foisy, PhD. Project Manager, Bioinformatics

Roselle Gélinas, Ph. D., Postdoctoral Fellow

Hugues Gosselin, Integrative Biology

Philippe Goyette, PhD, Project Manager, Genetics and Genomics

Isabelle Hébert-Milette, M.Sc. student in Biomedical Sciences

Frédéric Latour, M.Sc. Bioinformatics

Geneviève Lavallée, M.Sc. Molecular and Cellular Biology

Chloé Lévesque, Graduate Student

Virginie Mercier, Graduate Student

Sarai Mola, PhD student in Bioinformatics

Jessy Carol Ntunzwenimana, M.Sc. student in Biomedical Sciences

Jean Paquette, M.Sc. iPSC–derived models

Marie-Eve Rivard, M.Sc. Cellular Biology

Julie-Thompson-Legault, M.Sc. Clinical Coordinator


In addition to this great team, our success is due to multiple long-term collaborations and partnerships with world-renowned researchers from across the globe.  Please find below a list of our collaborators' institutions and our funders as a simple expression of our gratitude for their important contributions :