March 2016  | Canada Foundation for Innovation awards $755,040 to create a platform in support of cellular and genomic medicine applications

March 2016  | CIHR awards $12.5 M for Patient Oriented Research in IBD and IBS

May 2014  | CIHR awards $2.5M to collaborative group to study the common role of LRRK2  Parkinson's disease, Crohn's disease, and leprosy

April 2013  | NIDDK Awards over $2M for defining the causality & biologic impact of genes within ulcerative colitis loci

April 2013  | Genome Canada and partners award $10M in support of the IBD Genomic Medicine Consortium (iGenoMed)

June 2010  | Canada Foundation for Innovation awards $487,947 to create Infrastructure in support of an integrative biology platform

October 2012  | Montreal-led research group awarded $1.8M from U.S. NIH

August 2011  |  Multiple sclerosis research doubles numbers of associated genes

February 2011  |  Research links 29 genome regions with common form of IBD

February 2010  |  Research project on IBD to receive more than $2.3M from CIHR

February 2010  |  New hope for patients with lactic acidosis

October 2009  |  Two major projects are chosen by Pfizer-FRSQ Innovation Fund

January 2009  | MHI researchers contribute to identify new genetic markers for UC

August 2008  | Researchers discover new gene for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis

June 2008  |  Canadian researchers contribute to major Crohn's disease study

January 2008  | International Consortium find major genes for Lupus in women

April 2007  | Genome-wide study identifies major genes for Crohn's disease

January 2007  |  Rioux and his team make list for Top Ten Discoveries of 2006

October 2006  |  Scientists find gene target that may protect against IBD

September 2006  | Internationalteam analyzes genetic variation in key immune region