High performance sorting: cells and microparticles


The Montreal Heart Institute FACSAria Fusion III platform is a launching point for several cellular and molecular analyses. This technology consists of sorting and collecting cells or microparticles (MPs) based on their morphology, surface and intracellular protein expression, gene expression, and physiology. It is simultaneously equipped with 5 lasers (blue – 200 mW 488 nm, red – 100 mW 640 nm, yellow-green – 50 mW 561 nm, violet – 85 mW 405 nm, UV – 15 mW 355 nm), giving access to 18 colors and 2 scatters. Adding a PMT on the 200 mW blue laser further enhances the detection capacity, and enables the analyses of 100 nm microvesicles for a more precise characterization of microparticles.  The system has been certified to meet Class II Type A2 personnel and product protection standards for a biosafety cabinet with redundancies that further reduce risk.