A welcome message from Dr. John D. Rioux

Over the last decade we have witnessed an explosion of discoveries in genetics and genomics, including the sequencing of the human genome, identification of the tens of millions of common genetic variants (differences in the genetic code between individuals), the genetic structure of the human genome as well as technological advances that have enabled the testing of millions of variants at once in a single experiment to the most recent technologies that make sequencing an individual’s entire genome possible in just a few days.

These advances have had a transformative impact on our ability to identify the genetic variants that lead to rare single gene disorders as well as those that are key in the development of common diseases that result from a complex interplay between multiple genetic and non-genetic risk factors.

One of the most important challenges that we face today is how to translate these important discoveries in to better disease prevention and improved health care. The Laboratory for Genetics and Genomic Medicine, located at the Montreal Heart Institute and part of the Université de Montréal network, has played an integral role in the genetic discoveries outlined above and is prepared to meet this important challenge. This website is dedicated to our efforts to bring together the technologies, the partners and the resources necessary to bring an integrative approach to improve our understanding, prevention and treatment of human disease.

Dr. John D. Rioux
Canada Research Chair
Director, Laboratory for Genetics and Genomic Medicine
Professor of Medicine, Université de Montréal & Montreal Heart Institute